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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner is tormented in the trailer for Another Me

07.24.2014by: Kevin Woods

Sophie Turner's Sansa on HBO's "Game of Thrones" has certainly been though a lot, but not even King Joffrey could have put the actress through the torment her character goes through in Isabel Coixet's psychological horror film ANOTHER ME, based on Cathy MacPhail's novel of the same name. Today we have a new trailer for the doppelgänger thriller, which also stars Rhys Ifans, Gregg Sulkin and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Check it out below.

The film has an interesting premise, following Turner's Fay, a normal teenage girl who starts to fear she's being followed by someone who shares her face. But it seems there's much more to the mystery than meets the eye.

A girl who likes taking photographs discovers another version of herself in one of them, and then starts being haunted by this ghostly entity. Or person? Or … imaginary friend?

ANOTHER ME opens on August 22.



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