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Game: The Club

02.29.2008by: Andre Manseau


Published by: Sega
Developed by: Bizarre Creations
Available on: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC



The Club is a third person shooter where you play chicken... with your life. Essentially, you have no choice but to fight for your life in a shady sort of Fight Club-esque organization where millionaires bet on who will survive. You get to pick one of eight different characters as you blaze through destructive environments. This game reminded me a lot of the old-style arcade shooters that are very difficult. The ones where you only have† a few tries and are aiming to get the top high score through memorization and endless repetition.† Itís got a twinge of style added to the mix, and although the plot is almost nonexistent, youíll find a pretty solid (and violent) game in this package.


First thing youíll do in this game is pick your character- one of eight silly stereotypes with varying strengths and weaknesses. The moves are always the same, but the attributes differ, but you probably already knew that. Then you jump into a burnt out level (you know, all decrepit and post-apocalyptic looking) and are forced to compete in challenges. There are five different types of challenges, although most of them are all very similar and donít really vary enough to really thrill.

The point of this game is simple, if youíre ever in doubt. Regardless of your secondary objectives or perfunctory time limits, the idea here is to shoot as many targets as you can, as quickly as you can, as close as you can, with as much style as you can. As I mentioned before, achieving maximum points is a process of repetition ad nauseum. The enemies are always in the same place and theyíre going to kill you fairly often. Itís up to you to go through each level and really just map things out and repeat until you get the best score.† Order counts, and you can even find hidden targets throughout each stage to up your score.

You can blaze through the single player game pretty easily, if you donít care. With that being said as I mentioned before, this one is really going to appeal to the hardcore high score gamer.† Thatís where the fun comes in-you really rely on headshots, group kills, explosions, and such to string together huge combos to get the best score. The weapons work well, and it wonít be long before youíre clamouring to just do Ďthat much betterí the next time around. So memorize your patterns and before you know it youíll be an efficient killing machine.

Gameplay: 7/10


The graphics in The Club are decent enough, with some sharp textures and decent effects, although the game really isnít a powerhouse in any sense of the word. The problem here is that it looks like many of the games that came before it and this makes it kind of bland. Everything here is just a bit blah and uninspired- passable, but unremarkable. How many times have we seen this kind of lame level design?

Graphics: 7/10


Sound is the best part of this game. The soundtrack rocks, the announcersí voices are booming, and the weapons sound perfect.

Audio: 8/10


At the end of the day, The Club was a fun enough game to kill a few hours with. The best modes are all in the multiplayer, for those of you with an internet connection (or a big TV). The game really only appeals to that hardcore demographic though and probably wonít thrill a lot of people. The premise isnít as fleshed out as it could be, and so youíre certainly not playing for story. If you like to set standards for yourself and trying to beat them, youíll dig The Club- otherwise, rent and see for yourself.

Final Score: 7/10


Source: AITH



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