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GameBox 1.0 lovin!

02.15.2007by: The Arrow
Producing/directing/writing team David and Scott Hillenbrand have a slick sounding flick up their sleeves called GameBox 1.0 (view the trailer here).

It stars Nate Richert and Danielle "Topanga" Fishel and will hit DVD shelves on April 10, 2007 via LG (Pre-order it here).

Here's the Synopsis: Charlie Nash's, who is an expert at testing video games, life has become unbearable since the tragic death of his girlfriend ‘Kate’. One day Charlie receives a mysterious futuristic video game system that pulls him into game worlds in the style of ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘Resident Evil and ‘Halo’, while forcing him into a coma in the real world.

Charlie realizes that he must use all his expert gaming skills to navigate through the dangerous streets of a crime-ridden city, a zombie infested forest, and a war zone on an alien planet. He must win the game to survive.

Here's some info on the film's zany special effects: - Unique look created (never before seen in a feature) where real actors are made to look like CG characters in games such as Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Doom, etc. to feel like they are fully in the game environment. Computer generated worlds that make viewer feel like inside the world of a modern day video game - advanced to the near future.

My kind of visual effects...

-Video Game concepts embedded into special effects and story, such as 'Repeat Mode' where characters start back at last checkpoint reached prior to losing a "Game Life". Video Game angles are used extensively such as '1st Person Shooter'.

-Used latest on-set camera mounts from Doggie-Cam to lock the camera to actors' movements to provide this game perspective look when composited with computer generated effects.  

-Specialized filters were created to give sporadic pixillization and degradation to simulate the processors in video game effects - so as to add stylized imperfections to movements and worlds.

Topang these Topangas baby!

Source: AITHShowcase Ent



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