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Gareth Edwards talks his version of Godzilla

03.28.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Everyone is excited to see what Gareth Edwards (MONSTERS) will do with his upcoming version of GODZILLA, and Empire recently spoke to the filmmaker about the project. There's not really much new information, but monster movie fans will still enjoy hearing what he has to say:

"The thing that's so interesting is that Godzilla has evolved since the original one in the '50s, so there is the opportunity to bring it up to date. But we want to stay true to the fanbase as well and I'm a fan of the Toho films."

"When I got the call about it from my agent I was in my bedroom and right in front of me by my DVD player was the 1954 GODZILLA. He asked, 'Are you a fan?' And I said, 'Yeah, I'm looking at him right now!' It was incredible."

Sounds like the project, produced by Legendary Pictures, is in safe hands. Edwards is currently working on the script and keeping details under wraps, naturally. He does realize that "Everyone's got a very strong opinion about Godzilla and what it should be" - so I have to ask: what is your opinion?

MONSTERS star Whitney Able

Extra Tidbit: At least it seems like this one won't go the way of the 1998 American version of GODZILLA.
Source: Empire



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