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GC shows Mercy

09.25.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
The world needs more crazy-religion horror movies. Not just because crazy-religions (or rather, all religions) are scary in some form or fashion, but because... well, yeah, actually, that's why. Crazy-religion movies are scary as shite, so why not bring it on and scare the bejesus out of us?

Apparently Gold Circle Films is on the same level as I am because they just picked up the spec-script from writer Chris Sparling called MERCY, and it seems to be up the crazy-religion alley. Check out the basic premise:

MERCY, which is described as having multiple twists, centers on a family intent on protecting their dying mother, and their individual financial interests, from the violent wrath of a religious sect.

Those religious sect's and their violent wraths! Damn them all to hell! This is gonna be good! No other details have been provided, but really... do we need anymore? Not at this point, that brief little one-liner works perfectly. Thanks for hookin' it up with crazy-religion horror Gold Circle!

They're hoping to start filming this beast in early 2010, so until then, stick around for more on MERCY in the months ahead!

Extra Tidbit: Chris Sparling also wrote, directed, and starred in a little movie called AN UZI AT THE ALAMO. Never heard of it, but great flippin' title!
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