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Genre favorite Michael Biehn top-lines Severed Connection

02.21.2013by: Ryan Miller

Does this man ever stop working? Thankfully, no. Horror fans have another flick to look forward to with actor Michael Biehn attached to star in the Canadian horror thriller from Rob Freeman and Cody Hackman's all new production company Hackybox Pictures. It's nice to see Biehn turning out so many projects for the horror world, and while some may be hit or miss, he's a fantastic actor who is always fun to watch.

SEVERED CONNECTION will also star Jennifer Blanc, UFC’s Krzysztof Soszynski, Nick Bateman (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) and Hackman. According to THR, the film portrays a man and woman waking to find themselves trapped in a remote location they must escape. SEVERED CONNECTION will be based on a story by Bateman and Hackman, who has just recently starred along with Biehn and Soszynski in TAPPED.

More on this when it becomes available so stick around!

Jennifer Blanc

Extra Tidbit: Does SEVERED CONNECTION sound promising to you?
Source: THR



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