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George Miller may still direct Mad Max movies after all

01.14.2016by: Eric Walkuski

On the day when his film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD received a stunning ten Oscar nominations - including Best Picture and Best Director - George Miller has clarified his stance on the future of the franchise.

A few days ago we quoted Miller as saying he was through with MAD MAX films, as Page Six reported the Australian helmer had basically washed his hands of the post-apocalyptic avenger. While it seemed a little dicey at the time - Miller had given no indication he was over the series before that - it still seemed believable that the 70-year-old director might really be second-guessing his commitment to two more MAX flicks at this stage of his life.

Thankfully, that's not the case.

EW collected a few statements from Miller from early this morning, and one of them deals with his stance on the MAD MAX movies from hereon.

All I said was it wont be the film I do next. Id like to do something smaller, quick before I go back to the wasteland.

That is not what Page Six quoted him as saying, of course, but I guess the bottom line is Miller appears to be willing to continue Max's torturous adventures in the desert. And that's all that matters. Congrats, George!

Extra Tidbit: Miller won an Oscar for directing HAPPY FEET in 2007. Is he on his way to another win?
Source: EW



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