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George Romero is getting a bloody star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

06.28.2016by: Brennan Klein
George A Romero Hollywood Walk of Fame

Horror films are always given short shrift where Hollwood is involved. The Hollywood Walk of Fame features people like Paula Abdul and Claire Danes, but it hasn't given respect to a horror master who has been creating lasting nightmares since 1968, director George A. Romero. That is, until now...

Romero, who burst onto the scene with the genre-altering NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and went on to direct genre classics like DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD, and THE CRAZIES (as well as less well-known gems like SEASON OF THE WITCH, MARTIN, and so many more), is finally getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The star will be put in place in 2017, finally paying proper homage to the man who pretty much single-handedly created the zombie genre as we know it.


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Source: iHorror



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