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Get down with the red-band trailer & new clip for Butcher Bros. The Thompsons

11.21.2012by: Jake Dee

Hot on the ass of some pretty amusing "online memes" for the Butcher Bros. THE THOMPSONS, here comes a fresh clip from the film via Movieweb. The flick drops on VOD this Friday (November 23rd) before shelving on DVD/Blu December 31st. We also have the red-band trailer and poster that lauds the film (I guess) as being TWILIGHT meets Tarantino. Peep the flickers below and see if you'd agree!

With Cory Knauf, Samuel Childs, Joseph McKelheer and Mackenzie Firgens:

The epic sequel to the Butcher Brothers’ award-winning horror-thriller THE HAMILTONS… On the run with the law on their trail, America's most anguished vampire family heads to England to find an ancient vampire clan. What they find instead could tear their family, and their throats, apart forever.

If you're a fife for the footage below, get down with THE THOMPSONS on DVD HERE, Blu-ray HERE.

Extra Tidbit: This look better than THE HAMILTONS?
Source: Movieweb



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