Get ready for Human, the latest werewolf movie with a twist

With THE WOLFMAN taking in quite the draw over this past weekend, it was only a matter of time when more and more werewolf movies would be greenlit for wide consumption. Case in point is HUMAN, from director AJ (Antti-Jussi) Annila (SAUNA) and writer Doug Taylor (SPLICE). Though this is one werewolf movie with a twist...

So what's the twist? HUMAN centers on a wolf who turns into a human, and all the horrors that follow. It's like Opposite Day on the typical werewolf movie front, and you know what.. if done right, this could be pretty damn cool! The fun and exhilarating life of being a werewolf, only to have to be transformed back to a petty human leading a boring life. Oh, the horror! The horror!

Annila had this to say about the project: With Human I expect to do a totally different kind of werewolf film, so don’t expect anything familiar to this sub-genre.

I can't wait. Seriously, it's about time the typical werewolf movie was broken down to something entirely different. Let's just hope it works. Stick around for more news and updates on HUMAN as we hear it!

THE WOLFMAN hottie Emily Blunt!
Extra Tidbit: Do you think this concept will work, or will it fall flat on its face?
Source: Screen Daily



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