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01.18.2005by: Matt Withers
Get Your Freak On! It's always nice when the Hollywood universe balances itself out. Since many of our beloved horror flicks are getting sacrificed to the lure bringing in teen viewers, I think it's only fair that we get something in return - karmically speaking.

Enter Universal's big screen adaptation of the Children's Adventure CIRQUE DU FREAK. It'll be based on what is already a 12-book series authored by Darren Shan, who also shares his name with the story's young protagonist. For this first tale he visits a Freak Show with his best friend Steve, and things go bad quickly. A werewolf bites off an audience member's hand, Steve decides he wants to be a vampire, and Darren's idea to steal a VERY large spider goes terribly wrong and forces him to make an unholy choice.

In other words, this ain't no Amelia Bedelia!

So we've got one of the coolest titles I've seen in awhile, Brian Hegelund (LA CONFIDENTIAL) of all people will do the screenplay adaptation, and the story itself sounds intense and awesome. OK, I've changed my mind. This doesn't balance out shite karma-wise. It just shows what pussies some of the studios are in their horror releases when a children's story! is putting them all to shame.

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