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08.17.2006by: Matt Withers
Looks like we may have another spot on Horror/Comedy from the Brits coming our way friends, but unlike SHAUN OF THE DEAD this one looks like the horror may be the main course. It's called SEVERANCE, and word around the genre watercooler is that it kicks the kind of ass that's gonna send fanboys and girls into all sorts of delicious geekgasms.

Now Ammon and Pat pointed you towards the tasty goodness a little while back, but since the flick is hitting on August 25th in the UK, what's the harm in revisiting it?

The synopsis from the Official Site runs like this:

Working nine to five is a real killer, but teambuilding holidays can be even worse. Seven colleagues find themselves faced with the chop when their corporate weekend is sabotaged by a deadly enemy.

Forget office politics, only the smartest will survive this bloody office outing.

Sounds sorta like OFFICE SPACE, but with a lot of the messy red stuff splattered about. I definitely think we've got a winner on our hands boys and girls, but check out the Official Site to make up your own damn mind. Then spit bullets if you find that you're like-minded (or feel free to rip on me if you disagree).

Source: Official Site



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