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03.30.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
With only ONE week to go, the news coming out of the GRINDHOUSE camp has been at full steam ahead, as earlier this week we caught up with some clips, the awesome premiere pics, and of course, the first ever review. Wow- what a week! So it'd only be right if we end the week with a few news pieces that may get your blood pumping a bit more for the GRIND.

First, Variety is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is working on having DEATH PROOF submitted as a competing entry at this year's Cannes Film Festival. As both DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR will be released separately in foreign markets, QT is working on cutting together a longer version of the film for competition. No word on how much longer his DEATH PROOF needs to be to compete, but there you have it. Man, can you imagine if it slaughters the competition at Cannes? That'd be wild man, wild...

Variety also notes that QT and Robert Rodriguez want to keep the GRINDHOUSE series going, and just look at what QT has instore for us: For his part, Tarantino wants to shoot an old-school Kung Fu movie in Mandarin with subtitles in some countries, and release a shorter, dubbed cut in others. A Kung Fu movie? Didn't he already touch on that with KILL BILL? RR has said that he wants to make a full length feature to THEY CALL HIM MACHETE, as he already has about 30 minutes of footage, and it wouldn't take much to complete. Two words on this come to mind: Kick Ass!

And finally, our very own JimmyO has busted out an interview with the dynamic directing duo over at JoBlo, and it's highly advised that you go CHECK IT OUT, as it's quite the read. If this doesn't get you pumped, I don't know what will...

And there you have it! GRINDHOUSE is looking to be the next cinematic phenomenon, and if it floats the boat to the hordes that checked out 300, then let's prepare for more GRINDHOUSE to come. If it doesn't... well, from the sounds of it, the full-packaged DVD is gonna be one pimped out ride!
Source: VarietyJoBlo



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