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Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell join Haley Joel Osment in I'll Follow You Down

05.30.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Richie Mehta's I'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN was first reported on by us in February, when Haley Joel Osment (surely you remember him?) jumped on board the sci-fi thriller. Now three more names find themselves by Osment's side.

Gillian Anderson ("The X-Files"), Rufus Sewell (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER) and Victor Garber (TITANIC) are all attached the I'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN, according to Deadline.com.

The film follows the story of a scientist who mysteriously disappears after a business trip, only to have his son Erol, played by Osment, make an eerie discovery about his whereabouts, several years later.

Ms. Anderson will play Osment's mom, while Sewell plays the disappearing scientist in question. Garber will play Sewell's father, who aids in the "eerie discovery."

I'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN is currently shooting in Toronto, Canada.

Extra Tidbit: Sewell's role was originally meant to be played by James Purefoy ("Rome").
Source: Deadline.com



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