Gillian Anderson calls fans to action for new X-Files series

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I want to believe!

Gillian Anderson has stated in the past that she would love to return to her Dana Scully character from the cult hit series "The X-Files" and in a recent podcast with The Nerdist she reiterated her desire for a new "X-Files" series to host Chris Hardwick, stating that if fans could convince FOX to reunite her with David Duchovny for a new series, she wouldn't hesitate to sign on.

Calling fans to action to help make their voices heard, Anderson, Hardwick, and Matt Mira came up with the perfect hashtag to begin an internet campaign to bring Dana Scully and Fox Mulder back to the small screen with #XFiles2015. Needless to say, that hashtag is quickly growing on Twitter and there's no doubt Fox is taking note in the renewed interest. Will it work? I want to believe it will!

Whether or not you grew up with "The X-Files" this is one campaign we all should get behind. If you've got a Twitter account let @FOXTV know we want a new "X-Files" series by tweeting to them with the hashtag #XFiles2015.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of "The X-Files"? Would you like to see it return with the original stars involved?
Source: Nerdist



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