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Give mouth to mouth to Katharine Isabelle in American Mary trailer

12.07.2012by: Jake Dee

The sexy Soska twins' new feature, AMERICAN MARY, has been flaunting her ass around these parts all week. But enough of the damn tease and taunt treatment...the gal's stripping down and showing the rest of her taut frame in the trailer premiere via Empire Online. Caution, here's one doc who doesn't pity the faint of heart!

Starring the stunning Katharine Isabelle:

AMERICAN MARY follows the story of medical student Mary Mason (played by Katharine Isabelle of the Ginger Snaps franchise) as she grows increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the surgeons she once admired. The allure of easy money and notoriety send Mary into the shady world of underground surgery and body modification.

Antonio Cupo (“Bomb Girls”), Tristan Risk, David Lovgren and Paula Lindberg also appear in the flick.

AMERICAN MARY is due next fall.

Extra Tidbit: You buying the hype?
Source: Empire



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