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Go beyond fear with Phantasmagoria; shooting in September

07.03.2013by: Kevin Woods

M International will start production in September in Rome Italy and Nice (France) for the anthology horror film PHANTASMAGORIA, which is said to feature three shocking tales of terror that will 'take you beyond fear', according to Screen Daily.

From the mind of filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo (HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS, BLOODY SIN OF HORROR) and Mickael Abbate (Festival Director of "Samain du cinéma fantastique"), PHANTASMAGORIA is a Franco-Italian co production. Tiziano Martella (Make-Up Artist from ZOMBIE MASSACRE and EATERS) has also joined the team. The filmmakers claim that the movie

specifically aims at bringing a revival to the "hair-raising" movie genre by allowing the largest possible number of spectators to rediscover fear and other extreme feelings on screen (and beyond).

The film will be readied for a 2014 release. Below you will find the teaser poster that is being utilized to promote the film.

Source: Screen Daily



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