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Go to Camp Hell with Jesse Eisenberg on DVD in August

05.17.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

I never liked summer camp, but CAMP HELL sounds like my kind of place! Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release the film on DVD, digital download and on-demand on August 9. The cover art hasn't been released yet, but the disc will also include deleted scenes.

The film features an impressive cast including Dana Delany (below, "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES"), Bruce Davison (X-MEN), Andrew McCarthy (WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S), Jesse Eisenberg (ZOMBIELAND), Will Denton ("KIDNAPPED"), Spencer Treat Clark (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) and Connor Paolo (STAKE LAND).

The movie, formerly known as CAMP HOPE, was completed last year by writer/director George VanBuskirk. It's based on the true events of a New Jersey Christian community rocked by unseen evil. Below is an old trailer from back in 2009. Here is the synopsis:

Camp Hope is a place where Christian children come together to share and study their faith. Deep in the woods and far from distraction, they learn how to better serve their maker and the perils of tangling with the Devil. Unfortunately their charismatic leader unknowingly leads them into a world of evil, and the nightmare begins, as each child's body soon becomes possessed by something evil.

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