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Godzilla: Awakening comic book cover art revealed

03.26.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Back in January we tipped you off to the fact Godzilla was getting his own origin story in comic book form; entitled GODZILLA: AWAKENING, the prequel is an 80-page story, set decades before the film. Today we've got your first look at the cover art by acclaimed Godzilla artist Arthur Adams, peep it below.

The book was co-written by Max Borenstein (screenwriter of the new Godzilla) and Greg Borenstein. Naturally, Legendary Comics isn't giving away any plot details, but here is what they have today about the comic:

Delve into an incredible mystery, generations in the making. At the dawn of the atomic age, humanity awakens lifeforms beyond imagination, unleashing monumental forces of nature. This explosive, larger-than-life adventure is the perfect way for fans to experience the new Godzilla before seeing it in theaters.

GODZILLA: AWAKENING hits shelves on May 7th, a week before the film barges into theaters.



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