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Golden New Daughter

01.26.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Variety is reporting this morning that Gold Circle Films, the folks who presented us with James Gunn's SLITHER, has scored the film rights/script to THE NEW DAUGHTER, written by John Travis, based on the short story by John Connolly.

The story's seriously creepy, and a lot like a little movie I know called PET SEMETARY... how? Check it: a single father moves his two children to a home in rural Illinois near a burial mound that may be the key to his daughter's increasingly ominous behavior.

Ok, so the only similarity is the burial ground, but that's a pretty big one. Now it's just a question of what the hell they mean by 'ominous behavior'. Does that mean she stays up past her bedtime eating donuts and watching TV, or does it mean he can see dead people and fire shoots out of her eyes? See? Could be anything at this point.

Can't wait to hear more about this flick, as burial grounds are just plain fun. Stick around for more updates on THE NEW DAUGHTER as we hear it!
Source: Variety



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