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Good Universe grabs sci-fi thriller Extinction

09.17.2013by: Kevin Woods

Good Universe has acquired EXTINCTION, a spec script written by Spenser Cohen that Mandeville Films will produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Plots details are being kept under wraps, though those close to the project described it as a thriller with science fiction elements with comparisons to CLOVERFIELD and THE SIXTH SENSE being suggested.

Good Universe is now in the hunt for a director to helm the project. Cohen himself has had a productive year, selling a pitch to Lakeshore about the U.S. Drone Program and selling his HIGH VALUE TARGET script to Millennium Films last November.

EXTINCTION sounds intriguing enough, even without knowing much about the plot. The comparisons to CLOVERFIELD may suggest it will be a found footage film, but then again, with a title like EXTINCTION, it could just be a giant monster movie, and I'm always down for more of those kinds of flicks!

We'll keep you posted on news regarding EXTINCTION as we hear it.



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