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Gordon's Thing moving ahead

01.03.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Cool stuff for you Stuart Gordon fans (especially those praying he bounces back from STUCK) - Bloody Disgusting has detailed character bios and a synopsis for the H.P. Lovecraft lovin' director's next: THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (which, if this were my biography, would be a "hand-delivered 12-pack").

Here's what the kooky-sounding flick is about: Psychiatrist EDWARD DERBY becomes obsessed with the beautiful, terrified ASENATH WAITE, who claims that her father EPHRAIM is trying to take over her body with his mind. Despite causing considerable heartache to his devoted wife KATIE, Edward winds up having a sexual liaison with Asenath, which triggers the transfer of Ephriam's soul from Asenath's body to his own. Aware that he's descending into madness but powerless to stop it, Edward consults his best friend, fellow shrink DANIEL MEYER, who fails to believe Edward's story until it's too late.

Not quite sure what the THING is (doormat?), but this is sounding cool because anytime Gordon's involved with someone "descending into madness," things get freaky. Plus it was written by longtime Gordon collaborator Dennis Paoli, so they'll be firing on all cylinders here, hopefully. Filming is meant to begin on April 14.

And if you follow THIS LINK you'll see the character breakdowns for the film. Seems as though they're going after "star names" for many of the leads. While I don't know how many stars will want to be in something called THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP, Gordon's got himself a reputation as an actor's director, so we'll see what happens here. A Jeffrey Combs appearance is probably a given...

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