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Great Asylum trailer!

07.02.2008by: Mike Catalano

GET READY FOR A SLASHING, SCREAMING, STABBING, STALKING, STRAPPING, SICKENING EXTRAVAGANZA!! 'Cause your friends at AITH have a special, brand spanking new trailer of the horror flick ASYLUM just for you! By now I'm sure you've heard mucho about this offering because we've been plugging it pretty hard on this site (here and here for example). And if you haven't gotten psyched about it yet, the time has come! Kindly click on the link below to view all the icky thrills and demented chills. First, make sure you have a handle on the plot:

A group of beautiful coeds discover that their dorm was once a mental hospital where unspeakable experiments were performed by a deranged physician trying to “cure” troubled teens. But now the mad doctor’s ghost is back to continue his torturous work...and he’s running out of patients!

Ready for some more good news? ASYLUM was directed by David R. Ellis, the man who made FINAL DESTINATION 2 & 4 and those Mutha-F*ckin' SNAKES ON A Mutha-F*ckin' PLANE! Suffice to say, I think Mr. Ellis certainly has a flare for the fantastically gruesome as well as ironic humor. With that said, I'm ready to check into ASYLUM. It hits DVD shelves on July 15th.

Source: AITH



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