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Greutart on Saw 6

06.08.2009by: Eric Walkuski

SAW 6 has been surprisingly under the radar for most of the Spring. Maybe it's because it's such a part of our lives now that we take it for granted, or maybe we're all just kind of fed up with the exploits of Jigsaw and Hoffman. I know I am.

In any event, SAW 6 is alive and well... so to speak. Director and long-time SAW editor Kevin Greutert (pictured above with Shawnee Smith) updated his blog to tell us that the film - now in post-production - is "mind numbingly complex". Yep, sounds like a SAW movie alright. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if we get flashbacks of Jigsaw as an infant.

Greutart also says that his editor needs a day off because the stress of staring at the footage is making him sad, and the end of the film is "noisy". Now it's time to show the rough cut to the producers, who will most likely text through the whole thing and eventually say "Yeah, uh-huh, I guess that's good for a $30 million opening weekend" and leave. Everybody wins!

Extra Tidbit: Are you still down with the SAW's, or are you done with 'em?
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