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Grindhouse Nun!

02.24.2009by: Mike Catalano

Murder! Exploitation! Guns! And NUNS! Dear Lord, do I have one sacrilegious shot of insane schlock for you! It’s time to throw on your habit and hop on board for some “sister-style” grindhouse fun! The new flick is called NUN OF THAT (great title) and it’s coming our way from filmmaker Richard Griffin (SPLATTER DISCO). I’ll tell you right now that you're going to laugh your ass off at the trailer, which we just so happen to have for you below. But first, have a good chuckle at the plot of the flick (which is being labeled as a “splatter-filled supernatural action/comedy”):

Sister Kelly Wrath has got a habit… of flying off the handle. After being gunned down in an alley, she ascends to heaven to receive training from some of the great figures of religious mythology. She is then set back to Earth to join the other members of the Order of the Black Habit, a group of supernatural vigilante nuns, as they fight evil and seek revenge against the mob.

I don’t see how you can beat that! I mean, Mr. Lloyd Kaufman was even cast in the flick… to play the pope!!! I think that’s all I really need to say.

The rest of the cast includes Sarah Nicklin (as Sister Wrath), Brandon Luis Aponte, Alexandra Cipolla, Michael Reed, Rich Tretheway, Shanette Wilson and Ruth Sullivan, with a special appearance by Debbie Rochon. NUN OF THAT is having its premiere screenings on Friday, April 10th at 7 and 9 p.m. at Providence, RI’s Columbus Theater. To order yourself tickets, click here. And to check out NUN’s official MySpace page click here.

I just had to post this pic from the flick of Sister Kelly Wrath and Sister Mary Lust reflecting on the psychosis of “sin”.

Extra Tidbit: I guess the term for this subgenre of grindhouse should be “nunsploitation”.
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