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Guillermo del Toro & Grant Morrison team up for two cool new genre projects for Legendary!

10.11.2012by: Jake Dee

Two del Stories in as many hours? This dude EVER take a break?

Lucky for us, he doesn't. Today a new press release from Legendary Comics has assured us that not only one, but two cool new projects are in the works from del Toro and comic creator Grant Morrison. The first is a sweet tie-in PACIFIC RIM GRAPHIC NOVEL, and the other is an entirely new project called ANNIHILATOR. Both sound cool as f*ck, simply scroll below for details on each!

As fans continue to soak in all new details regarding Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures upcoming motion picture release Pacific Rim, del Toro used New York Comic-Con to announce the Pacific Rim graphic novel. A must-read for anyone who wants to see the movie, the graphic novel will serve as a prequel, providing important details on the characters and the lead up to the story arc of the movie. Written by the film’s writer Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), the graphic novel is written in three distinct parts – covering the in-world history from the first attack up to just before the movie.

Each part tells a complete episode of that history, dipping selectively in and out of character backstories and sometimes focusing on new characters who aren't necessarily in the movie. The idea is to expand the universe and explore how this war has affected not only our heroes, but the world beyond the film. That said, Stacker Pentecost's (Idris Elba) origin will figure into all three parts, tracking his journey to high-ranking commander.

Good shite, right? But even more exciting to me is ANNIHILATOR, which goes as follows:

Morrison brings to the pages a thrilling story starring wild-living screenwriter Ray Spass, who has one last chance to save his career as he struggles to write a new studio tent-pole movie, Annihilator.

The film centers around the incredible adventures of Max Nomax; a sci-fi rebel anti-hero who’s condemned to a haunted prison orbiting a supermassive black hole, following an epic struggle against the all-knowing, all–powerful artificial life form VADA and his squad of deadly Annihilators. Found guilty of the Greatest Crime in History, Nomax has vowed to clear his name by discovering a Cure for Death itself and resurrecting his lost love.

But with deadlines looming and a recently-diagnosed brain tumor, Spass is running out of time and inspiration – until the real Max Nomax mysteriously appears in the world of 21st century Los Angeles with no memory of how he got there, only a terrifying warning of imminent destruction and a mission for Ray Spass.

Ray’s tumor is the key—it contains all the information of Nomax’s adventures, uploaded into Ray’s head before Nomax made his great escape. Now, Ray has to finish his screenplay in order to get the information out of his head and shrink the tumor. Nomax needs Ray to finish the screenplay so he can remember how to defeat VADA and ultimately save the universe from extinction – if Makro, the unstoppable rogue Annihilator, doesn’t kill get to them first, that is.

But who or what is Max Nomax really? And why is it the more we learn, the less we want to know? A heart-stopping suspense thriller. A love story. An impossible mystery. A tale of vengeance and defiance – bargains and consequences - life and death – good and evil.

Pretty badass, no? Only a matter of time before this one gets optioned by Legendary Pictures and becomes a movie, I have no doubt. When it does, you think del Toro will direct? Whomever does, will it be better than PACIFIC RIM?

Extra Tidbit: PACIFIC RIM also features Heather Doerksen (above).



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