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Guilty pleasures Deep Rising and Puppet Masters get Blu-ray in October

08.15.2012by: Ike Oden

Before he was known for big budget cheese like G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA, Stephen Sommers was known for moderately budgeted cheese like DEEP RISING. The Treat Williams/Famke Janssen vehicle is a monster-at-sea epic that captured the hearts of many fans during the dead time in horror known as “the 90s.” As a brain dead, action packed, extraordinarily hokey creature feature the film is utterly peerless. Not amazing, not jaw dropping, but a delete bin favorite, for sure. 

Thankfully, the divine hands at Mill Creek seem to agree with me as DEEP RISING is being paired on Blu-ray with Suart Orme’s THE PUPPET MASTERS, and underrated (except by our own Arrow) sci-fi thriller adapted from the Rober A. Heinlein novel of the same name. That film featured Donald Sutherland, Keith David, and Will Patton as government agents battling body snatching alien parasite things intent on controlling the world (an original extraterrestrial plan if there ever was one).

Being from Mill Creek, the disc will be a budget release which means no special features outside of your traditional trailers. That said, the technical specs look decent and the chance to see both of these movies in glorious 1080p should excite any lovers of big budget B-movies (which is to say, anyone visiting this website). The disc will be on shelves October 9th. Check out the synopsis and technical specs below.

Deep Rising - Buckle up for edge-of-your seat excitement with the explosive hit DEEP RISING, an unstoppable high seas action thriller that moves at full scream ahead! When a band of ruthless hijackers invade the world's most luxurious cruise ship, they're shocked to discover the passengers have mysteriously vanished! But that doesn't mean they are alone! Something terrifying is lurking just out of sight: a deadly force from the unexplored depths of the ocean that begins to snatch the horrified intruders one by one! Treat Willliams (THE DEVIL'S OWN) and sexy Famke Janssen (GOLDENEYE, ROUNDERS) lead a group of survivors who must overcome incredible odds in their breathtaking battle to escape the doomed ship alive!

The Puppet Masters – Here's the edge-of-your-seat thriller that delivers unrelenting suspense and nonstop action! Donald Sutherland leads a team of top-level government agents who make a chilling discovery – extraterrestrial beings have landed on Earth and are quickly taking control of the residents of a small midwestern town – manipulating their bodies and minds like puppets!

Technical Specifications:

Deep Rising -


2.35:1 aspect ratio

English 2.0 audio

Spanish 2.0 audio

French 5.1 audio

SDH English subtitles


The Puppet Masters


2.35:1 aspect ratio

English 2.0 audio

Spanish 2.0 audio

French 2.0 audio

SDH English subtitles




Extra Tidbit: Famke Janssen (above) hasn't seemed age at all in the fifteen or so years since RISING. Not that I'm complaining...



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