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Gutterballs poster

04.12.2007by: Scott Carmichael

Maybe its the eight ball I just did off a dead hookers back, but I must say that with nothing more than a cool poster and a simple synopsis the makers of GUTTERBALLS have me hooked.

The boys over at Horrormovies.ca came across this little flick which is being put together by Ryan Nicholson, the guy behind the horror flick LIVE FEED, and the art work alone (seen above) gives this flick more than mere potential.

GUTTERBALLS is about a brutally sadistic rape, that leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a black bowling-gloved masked killer. This alley will run red with blood by sunrise and the shocking twist that reveals the killer will shock even the most jaded viewer!

I don't know who wrote that specific synopsis but it sounds so awesomely bad, that it can't be anything but good. So check out the MySpace page for GUTTERBALLS here, and as a side note; is it just me or can anyone else picture Michael J Fox's head on that body above?


Source: MySpace



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