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H2 Almost Done!

07.22.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Just the other day Mike hit you all with a couple behind the scenes shots from Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. While those were fine and dandy I'm pretty sure today I've got the best behind the scenes shot from H2 released thus far to show you all! Check it out above and see what I'm talking about.

That shot right there is Michael Myers himself Tyler Mane showing all the haters what he really thinks! Actually... I have no idea who he's flipping off or why but it's still an awesome shot seeing Myers resort to frowned upon gestures... that's just mean even for him! This new shot, as is the case with most, comes courtesy of Rob Zombie's MySpace. Unlike most of Zombie's posts the vocal point isn't the actual image this time! Instead it's the news that HALLOWEEN 2 has exited the editing room! Here's Zombie's post:

Well, the editing room is packed up and stored away until next time. Now it on to color timing and sound mixing. Before you know it Michael will be back in your face. I've never been so excited to release a film. This one blows the last one away... big time!

I think that last sentence is fairly obvious by now. I'm a guy who didn't care for Zombie's first attempt and who was extremely skeptical when the news of this sequel broke. Now I'll be there opening weekend with my Shatner mask and jumpsuit! So Zombie is done with the editing stage and moves onto sound mixing! Exciting! I'm sure the man will have this bad boy ready for it's August 28th release date! Keep it here as we let you in on every update until then!

H2 star Danielle Harris
Extra Tidbit: There's a rumor out there Zombie is planning on remaking HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH and that it'd be it's own film and not part of his Myers franchise. ... AHAHAHA.
Source: MySpace



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