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H2 BTS w/Laurie Strode!

03.18.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Did you really think we were going to go a whole day without an update on Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2? Hell no! First we had the news on who'll be playing the new young Michael Myers and then we heard that Margot Kidder was joining the cast. So what other news could we possibly be hearing?

Well news on yet another set photo of course! As well as some behind the scenes footage! I shit you not. Laurie Strode herself Scout Taylor-Compton (below) recently grabbed a camera and made her way around the H2 set. The result? A pretty cool behind the scenes video running around 6 minutes. Meanwhile the new set picture shows Michael Myers himself Tyler Mane with legendary genre hottie Danielle Harris. Damn she's still looking good! Mane, not so much. Kidding big guy... loving the beard! Just click the shot above to check out the whole thing in a larger version over at HalloweenMovies.com.

So what's with the beard? Some early rumblings on the plot of H2 have the movie starting up directly after the events of the first film. Laurie (Annie and Loomis?) are rushed to to a hospital with Mr. Myers eventually staging some sort of escape. Then events pick up a year later (hence the beard) when Michael decides to return home... again. As for the mask... apparently word is Myers will ditch the one from the first film at some point thanks to it being soaked in his blood with bulletholes in it and will eventually secure another mask. That's the good word I keep hearing around town, but nothing has been made official yet. Speaking of nothing official, here's another fan made sculpt of the potential H2 mask.

Oh and did I mention that rumblings have H2 securing a potentially new title in HALLOWEEN: THE DEVIL WALKS AMONG US. God I hope not... I'm actually really liking 'H2.' Simple enough. Right to the point. Loving it. So go ahead and check out the new set photo above and click through below to check out the behind the scenes video over in our videos section.

Extra Tidbit: So if YOU were stranded on a desert island and could only bring two things with you, what would they be?
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