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Halloween music?

03.10.2007by: The Arrow

Shock rocker and writer/director Rob Zombie has had to debunk lots of rumors thus far about his HALLOWEEN remake/prequel via his The Official Rob Zombie Halloween Page. No big surprise, it comes with the territory of remaking a mucho loved (by uber passionate fans) horror classic.

So here's what he had to say about another rumor going around right now: him not using Carpenter's Halloween theme in his own rendition of Michael Myer's humble beginnings:

"Just curious why is everybody crying about the theme music suddenly? I never said I wasn't using it. You all have to stop freaking out about every bullshit story you read. Now I get it, MTV misunderstood what I was saying about the music. Oh well, I am still shooting and haven't even begun to explore the music side of things yet. I always planned on using the original theme since the beginning."

You've been Zombie-ed!



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