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Halloween one sheet!

06.06.2007by: Scott Carmichael

While I must admit that I'm a little hesitant about Rob Zombie re-envisioning HALLOWEEN, I cannot lie about this poster; it looks pretty f**king sweet!

Found on the official HALLOWEEN MySpace page, and following the launch of the official site, this poster has me both intrigued and impressed, and here's why.

First off, I love the fact that Zombie has included just about the entire cast into the poster. He's gone to length's to have just about every genre veteran you can think of in this flick and it's cool to see that he's shown them some love on the poster. Also I love the fact that Myer's has long hair, it just makes so much sense. With Myers being as dangerous as he is, it's reasonable to think that Dr. Loomis would keep interaction with Myers to an absolute minimum and he would most definitely NOT allow scissors anywhere near this being of pure evil. Nice touch Zombie!

So what say all of you? Yah or Nah to this poster? Spit some bullets below with your thoughts.    

Source: MySpace



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