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Halloween PG-13?

06.15.2007by: Scott Carmichael

Wow, if this is true could it suck anymore? Rumor has it that Rob Zombie's re-envisioning of HALLOWEEN may be rated PG-13. PG-13; What the f**k!

This rumor has been floating around FEARnet.com where the word is that Dimension Films and the Weinstein Company are trying to have HALLOWEEN re-cut to fit into a PG-13 market.

There seems to be a notion that because films like HOSTEL: PART 2 and GRINDHOUSE did so poor at the box office, these companies are thinking twice about releasing another R rated into the market. Which I personally believe is utter bull-sh*t!

I understand the fact that when films have a PG-13 rating you have the possibility of having a larger clientele basis, but when you re-cut a film that was meant to carry nothing lower than an R rating, you end up with a piece of crap that no one wants to watch, no matter what age.

With all that in mind, further rumor has spread and apparently Ryan over at Shock till you Drop spoke with Zombie today via email and Zombie said "I don't watch PG-13 films let alone make them."

Truthfully I don't know what to make of this whole situation. I remember Zombie having problems with HOUSE OF A 1000 CORPSES because of the same kind of thing. The production company wanted a "lighter cut". I mean I know it's Rob's film, but in the end who really has the say? It'll be interesting to see how this does pan out.    

Hey Johnny Cash, what do you think of a Halloween that's rated PG-13?
Source: FEARnetSTYD



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