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Handful of new Red State photos show us Parks, Goodman and Kerry Bishe

12.02.2010by: Jake Dee

One flick headed to Sundance next month is Kevin Smith's fundamentalist horror joint RED STATE, which is said to be quite a departure for the self-proclaimed purveyor of dick and fart jokes. Not only that, Richard Kelly has stated he's never before seen such a reinvention from a filmmaker. I've gotta say, the subject of the Smith's latest makes me uncomfortable in the first place. Mix with that a pretty impressive cast, and hell yeah I'm down to see this bastard when it releases next year. Hopefully you are too!

In any case, a handful of new stills from RED STATE have just been tallied, and while not particularly's always fun to see John Goodman and Michael Parks mixin' it up. Also, what's not to love about a pouty, hot blonde (Keri Bishe) on all fours?!?

Also starring Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo, Haley Ramm, Anna Gunn, Michael Angarano, Stephen Root, John Goodman and Kevin Pollak - RED STATE is a horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America.

If all goes well at Sundance, we should have a release date for RED STATE in a couple of months.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Kevin Smith flick?
Source: Kino Gallery



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