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Happy New Year from Arrow in the head!

12.31.2011by: The Arrow

Hola amigos! Today is New Year's eve, so I just wanted to say a Happy New Year, on behalf of myself (duh) and the Arrow in the Head staff. I wish you all good health (without that, you aint got squat) and hope that the negative joo-joo that was in your life gets carved out in 2012. I also wish that the efforts you've put in, the ones that have yet to bring you them damn results, will finally hit pay-dirt in this new year.

What can you expect from AITH in 2012? Some revamps, with new sections and features kicking in sooner than later, schtuff that will add to your experience on the site. On a more immediate note expect MY TOP 10 OF 2011, our FAV VIDEO GAME OF THE YEAR and our 2012 GENRE MOVIE PREVIEW to kick in next week. And my first review of 2012 will be... THE DEVIL INSIDE, which I am seeing next Thursday.

It's a New Year! More monsters, ghosts, slashers, more blood, bullets and broads! We're happy to have yall spend it with us. Lets kick its ass and make it our bitch! Back to hiding in the woods I go...

Happy New Year! Death to 2011! Charge 2012!

Extra Tidbit: My new year resolution? To not have a new year resolution. Am doing my best/everything that I can already on every front.



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