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Harnett in Night

06.16.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Josh Harnett, teenage heart throb to some, pussy whipped pretty-boy to others, is gearing up to take on the lead role in David Slade's 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, based on the graphic comic book series by Steve Niles. Bring on that zombie and vampire fun!

Hartnett, who appeared in last year's SIN CITY, as well as the alien take-over flick THE FACULTY, is in negotiations with Columbia Pictures to star as the male lead of the flick. Basically, he and his wife are living in Alaska, where it's night for 30 days straight in the dead of winter... unfortunetly for them, evil forces are coming out of the darkness, and it's up to them to help the entire town survive.

And yes, it's gonna kick ass! While Hartnett probably wouldn't have been my first choice- it's not a bad one, and they could have definitely done worse. Now if they can only make him look older than 20 years old, and take that pretty-boy demeaner away from him- then I'd say he'd be perfect for the role. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The images in the comic are downright scary, and Slide has stated in the past that he plans on bringing that isolated horror from the comic to the big screen. Could this be the horror comic adaptation we've been waiting for? I sure hope so! Stick around for the casting of the female lead, and prepare for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT to slam into theaters October 19th... 2007!



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