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Has the new Predator movie revealed its title and teaser poster?

02.15.2016by: Eric Walkuski

I'm not claiming this is 100% legit, but it comes directly from the official PREDATOR Facebook page, so it's got to count for something. A few hours ago, the account posted the below image, with the caption, "Here we go again, bro." The image is what appears to be a teaser poster for the new PREDATOR film, apparently entitled THE PREDATOR. Wowza!

We don't know much about this film, except that it's being directed by Shane Black (IRON MAN 3) and written by Black and Fred Dekker (Black's co-writer on THE MONSTER SQUAD). The duo reportedly turned in their draft of the script back in November, so perhaps after some rewrites the project is ready to lift off. Are we really getting ready for a new PREDATOR adventure? Let's f*ckin' hope so, because we need it.

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Extra Tidbit: If this is the real deal, how do you feel about the title and poster?
Source: Facebook



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