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Hater sneak peek!

01.29.2009by: Eric Walkuski

One of the more intriguing of Guillermo del Toro's 746 upcoming projects is HATER, which he producing for director J.A. Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE). People going crazy and wreaking havoc upon one another for no apparent reason is just my kind of thing, that doesn't make me weird so back off or I'll beat you with a hammer!

Anyhoo, MacMillan Press is offering fans of such things a sneak peek at HATER - the novel - which doesn't come out until next month. The first chapter is up now, the second chapter will appear next Wednesday, then the third chapter the Wednesday after that, etc.

Want an excerpt from the excerpt? “Please...” she begged as he sunk the sharp metal tip of the umbrella deep into her gut and then yanked it out again.

Check out the synopsis: Society is rocked by a sudden increase in the number of violent assaults on individuals. Christened 'Haters' by the media, the attackers strike without warning, killing all who cross their path. The assaults are brutal, remorseless and extreme: within seconds, normally rational, self-controlled people become frenzied, vicious killers. There are no apparent links as a hundred random attacks become a thousand, then hundreds of thousands. Everyone, irrespective of gender, age, race or any other difference, has the potential to become a victim - or a Hater. People are afraid to go to work, afraid to leave their homes and, increasingly, afraid that at any moment their friends, even their closest family, could turn on them with ultra violent intent. Waking up each morning, no matter how well defended, everyone must now consider the fact that by the end of the day, they might be dead. Or perhaps worse, become a killer themselves. As the status quo shifts, ATTACK FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER becomes the order of the day... only, the answers might be much different than what you expect....

Click right HERE to read the entire first chapter... If you like what you read, head on over HERE to pre-order HATER, which hits bookshelves on FEBRUARY 17th.


Extra Tidbit: It's been rumored that J.A. Bayona is in the running to direct the third TWILIGHT film...
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