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Haunted Asylum Cast!

09.05.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Waking up bleary eyed and hung over after the holiday weekend, I thought for sure this morning would be bleak as far as news goes- until I stumbled on a few casting updates, courtesy of Variety, which promptly made my day. A few new folks have joined ASYLUM for 20th Century Fox, and the lead has been chosen for Dark Castle's RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL!

First up is ASYLUM, from director David Ellis (SNAKES ON A PLANE), about a college dorm that used to be the town's insane asylum. Guessing from that brief description, I'd say ghosts from the loons come back to terrify some tasty co-eds, but I could be totally wrong. Either way, with Ellis on board, you know it will at least be entertaining! Cody Kasch (right) and Sarah Roemer have both been cast over the weekend and as Kasch just looks insane, I'd say they couldn't have done a better casting job (he's the nutcase in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES... not that I watch that show... I mean... er...).

Elsewhere, Dark Castle's sequel to HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL has landed Amanda Righetti (below), the hot but cracked out sister on THE OC, in the leading role. I like this choice, because... well, she's a robobabe, and since Ali Larter's not returning for round 2, this is a good alternate choice. Directed by Victor Garcia, RETURN is aiming to begin filming Sept. 11 in Bulgaria (!).

And there you have it! A nutcase and a hottie from TV cast in a couple of horrorific feature films! Both flicks sound like fun, though not likely 'good' films... but we can hope, can't we? Stick around for more news on ASYLUM and RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL as we hear it!

Source: Variety



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