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Haunting in Connecticut director to helm martial arts horror Minion

02.10.2014by: Kevin Woods

Peter Cornwell, who helmed THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and has the upcoming Blumhouse produced Stephen King adaptation MERCY on the way, has been tapped to helm the martial arts horror film MINION, according to Screen Daily.

Gudrun Giddings and Christian Arnold-Beutel are teaming up to produce the story of...

...a farewell party for a martial arts coach that descends into horror.

When a party game reveals the man is possessed, the guests must battle supernatural forces as they undertake a twisted ritual of reverse exorcism.

Eric Gable and Ben Bostik wrote the screenplay.

Cornwell says of the project...

“What appeals to me about Minion is that it’s a really original genre-bending horror story with great characters, really dark twists and some off the hook action."

The director recently completed two episodes of "Hemlock Grove" for Netflix and is in post on MERCY for Blumhouse Productions.

Extra Tidbit: Martial arts AND horror? Oh, I'm in!
Source: Screen Daily



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