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Have a look at the filthy teaser trailer for Lucky McKee's The Woman

07.27.2011by: Jake Dee

Wow, this shite's grime personified...

Lucky McKee's polemic new thriller THE WOMAN - which has won awards on one hand and incited militant protests on the other - was picked up by AMC, The Collective and B-D earlier this month. As such, we finally have a teaser trailer for the trap-and-torture outing. A foul, filthy, gunk-ridden teaser!

The Woman is the last surviving member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast Coast for decades. When the last of her family is killed in a battle with the police, The Woman finds herself alone, severely wounded…and vulnerable. Unfortunately, she is now a far too easy prey for local hunter, successful country lawyer and seriously disturbed family man Christopher Cleek. With his twisted set of ideals, Cleek decides to embark upon a deranged project - to capture her and "civilize" The Woman - a decision that will soon threaten the lives of Cleek, his family and The Woman.

Angela Bettis (below), Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Carlee Baker, Shana Barry, Marcia Bennett, Tommy Nelson, Shyla Molhusen and Frank Olsen all revel in the muck.

We're still awaiting word on a release for THE WOMAN, but you can always peruse the Official Site for more.

Extra Tidbit: Could this be McKee's most extreme?
Source: AITH



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