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Hayter travels to Lost Planet

07.15.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Another day, another video game I've never heard of is being made into a feature film. This time it's LOST PLANET, apparently a very popular third-person shooter that takes place on an ice planet. It's sold over 2 million units. That's good right? I dunno, the only games I play are mind games... And pocket pool.

David Hayter, well-known as the voice of "Solid Snake" in the METAL GEAR SOLID games - as well as the screenwriter behind X-MEN and the upcoming WATCHMEN - will pen the screenplay.

Here's part of the plot summary, according to Wiki: The game's plot focuses on the amnesiac character Wayne Holden, his father, Gale Holden, and the past and future of the planet E.D.N. III. After a particularly vicious battle against a large Akrid creature known only as "Green Eye", Gale is killed, and Wayne is lost on the icy plains of E.D.N. III. The planet of E.D.N III is perpetually cold and snowy, originally inhabited by a species of aliens known as Akrid, who forced humanity to abandon E.D.N. III by strength of numbers and surprise. Initially, the Akrid deterred humans from colonization, but this changed when T-ENG was discovered. Thermal Energy, or T-ENG, is a powerful energy source, found only in Akrid bodies, made humankind determined to fight them, for which purpose they created the Vital Suit, or VS, technology, essentially mechs powered by T-ENG, carrying mounted weapons.

Short version: Dudes in robot suits fighting aliens on ice. I'm sold!

Warner Bros. and Capcom are co-financing the flick, which is obviously still a good ways away.

Speaking of Watchmen, here's Malin Akerman! You're welcome.

Source: Variety



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