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07.13.2006by: Matt Withers
Good news folks. Variety reports that HBO will "definitely do" Alan Ball's long in-development vampire series TRUE BLOOD. The show should hit the network by the end of the year.

Not a huge surprise that HBO would hitch their wagon to Ball again since he gave them the outstanding series SIX FEET UNDER. From a fan perspective, the idea of a talent like Ball tackling a genre theme has me jumping around the living room. I accept that's an image you may not need in your head, but dammit I'm excited!

The project is based on the "Southern Vampire" books of Charlaine Harris which are set in the rural South, at a time when vampires have made their existence known to the world following the Japanese development of synthetic blood.

Ball reportedly wants to do something lighter in tone than SIX FEET UNDER, so expect a lot of bizarre fun from the series that he describes as a rich world filled with unique characters, a world that's as terrifying as it is hilarious, as well as sexy, generous and profound.

Sweet! Expect us to be on this sucker like white on rice compadres.

Source: Variety



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