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Heads up on the novella The House of Thirteen Doors!

04.26.2012by: The Arrow

We don't report on books very often, but I heard good things about this one so am sharing the love! THE HOUSE OF THIRTEEN DOORS, the debut novella from Daniel Th1rte3n is now availble for all to devour. Here's what it's about!

A dark fantasy that offers readers a breathless journey that upends traditional Gothic thriller tropes, filters them through a fever dream, and reinvents them into a phantasmagoric nightmare. When disenfranchised fashion writer Joanna receives an unexpected summons from the enigmatic designer known only as “5” to tour his opulent studio, “The House of Thirteen Doors”, her predictable 9 to 5 world is quickly plunged into a nightmare realm of rabbit headed dominatrices, sentient mannequins, and undead lovers…then things really get insane. Won’t you cross the threshold of the House where beauty and revulsion become one?

You can nab the book HERE and visit its FB page HERE!

Reading is good for ya! pass it on!




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