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Updated! Now two Headshot fan posters giving us a glimpse of what should be!

06.07.2011by: The Arrow

Looks like the "cop teams up with hitman to battle evil Washington developer" action flick HEADSHOT has found a new home online and that home is called Arrow in the Head. We're all really into this movie over here. Why? Cause it's a man's man dream come true. Eric W. said it best: "A return to good old fashioned testosterone-soaked action the likes of which we rarely see anymore..."

We're talking SYLVESTER STALLONE in the lead, WALTER HILL behind the lens and potentially THOMAS F*CKING JANE as Sly's co-star. Hard to go wrong with that that balls out mix! Now we broke the news of Jane's casting a while back HERE, confirmed that he was "maybe" getting the shaft by the suits cause of his skin tone HERE and even reviewed the SCRIPT HERE. And today, we couldn't pass up propping these two cool fan art posters by David Allcock which gives us a taste of what SHOULD BE. Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: Yup, we have a new catch phrase here at AITH: "No Jane, no us!" It's picking up, pass it on! :)



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