Help Wanted! Create cool horror YouTube videos for Arrow in the Head!

The JoBlo YouTube channel has had tremendous success over the years, surpassing 1 billion views last year and closing in fast on 2 billion, with more than 1.5 million subscribers and growing. We want to continue that growth and success with your help! We are looking for video creators who can create cool, original horror-related "video shows" for our YouTube channel and our website (we'd upload the same video to JOBLO VIDEOS as well).

In terms of what "type" of videos we're looking for, you can pitch us anything you want, as long as they're around 3-5 minutes (we're willing to listen to shorter or longer than that, but on average, we prefer the 3-5 minute videos) and interesting to our audience.

SCHEDULE: Bi-Weekly or Monthly
THEMES: Anything horror related that will be fun and informative to our genre-savvy audience
LENGTH: 3-5 MINS on average

We already have several ongoing "video shows" including our Star Wars Minute series, Marvel Minute Series, Top 5 Movie Mistakes, Pop-Up Movie Facts, Easter Egg Countdown, Kinda Crazy, JoBlo Unboxing, Top 10 Lists, Hottie 6-Packs, Awfully Good Movies, From Page To Screen, Movie in a Nutshell, Hottie Tributes, Movie Tributes, the AITH Killer Guide to Horrror, our own Video Movie Reviews and the animated series ROOMIES! Check out these videos for a good idea of what we're looking for.


- You must be able to work by yourself on a video by combining clips from films, along to your narration and possibly even some on-screen graphics and audio. The more professional looking, the better!

- You must be able to hit deadlines as we have a monthly schedule of original videos ready to roll, so everyone needs to be able to get theirs done on time.

- Even though we can certainly help you in finding movie clips for your videos, it would be a great advantage to have access to many high quality movie clips yourself.

- There's no need for you to appear on-camera if you don't want. In fact, the last thing we want is videos of people sitting in front of their cameras and just talking.

In return, you will see your work appear before millions of people on our popular YouTube channel (currently ranked 39th of all "Entertainment" channels on YouTube) and our website, get paid on a quarterly basis per video created for us (with bonuses for reaching a certain amount of views on YouTube) and be a part of the growing JoBlo.com family and all future opportunities that come with that.

If interested, email us a basic overview of why you are qualified for this, but more importantly your PITCH and ideally hyperlinks to some similar videos already created. Or alternately, you can create a video that you think might work for us and send that along as well. We're pretty open here. We just want to see HIGH QUALITY work (it really needs to look professional) with our well-known JOBLO/ARROW IN THE HEAD style and humor integrated within. Email us at: [email protected].



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