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The Coalition Group bringing IDW Comics' The Shunned One to the big screen

Jul. 9, 2014by: Eric Walkuski

The IDW Comic THE SHUNNED ONE hasn't even come out yet - it's due in 2015 - but it's already making the transition to the big screen.

The Wrap reports the comic, which centers on an angel of death with a conscience, is being prepped to go in front of cameras by the Coalition Group.

Written by Alan Robert, THE SHUNNED ONE focuses on

an angel of death who goes rogue after refusing to take innocent human lives. His actions alter balance in the universe, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters. As a result, a pack of vengeful death angels are sent down to hunt him. He must hide amongst the humans while trying to undo the damage he's done.

Jack Rehar, who co-wrote the killer grizzly flick ENDANGERED, is penning the screenplay. Look for THE SHUNNED ONE to hit shelves early next year.

Source: The Wrap


Spitting Bullets
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2:20PM on 07/10/2014
Looks like Venom to me...
Looks like Venom to me...
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