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Here is a promo look at Scream Queen Campfire: Marshmallows & Blood

06.10.2011by: Jake Dee

Coming at us Halloween day is a low-budget horror anthology known as SCREAM QUEEN CAMPFIRE, from which we have horde of high-res stills from the inaugural promo chapter, MARSHMALLOWS & BLOOD. Get a gander of them bastards below!

MARSHMALLOWS & BLOOD is directed by John Regan, from a script he co-wrote with Jonathan Moody. The promo stars Sierra Holmes (Piranha 3dd, VH1's Scream Queens season 2) Diane Sokolowich, Jessica Hutson (Lake City), Cayley Waldo and Terry Jernigan (8th Plague, An Ordinary Killer).

As for the entirety of SCREAM QUEEN CAMPFIRE, it is jointly directed by Bobby Ray Ackers ("Visions"), Coven Delacruz ("Motherly Love", "Club Syren" and "The EX"), Jackey Hall ("Wrong Number", "The Invited"), Terry Jernigan ("The Closet", "Mean Something"), Ruby Larocca ("The Landlord") and Jonathan Moody ("The Campfire", "Blackout").

The scoop: When their van breaks down, 5 scream queens are on their way to a horror convention have to go out to the woods to camp out. After a little while of boredom they decide to tell scary stories they heard on their sets. These are their stories.

Devanny Pinn, Ruby Larocca, Allison Kyler, Kaylee Williams, Eileen Dietz, Sarah French, Rachel Grubb, Melantha Blackthorne, DJ Perry, Erik A. Williams, Vanelle, Mark Cray, Sierra Holmes and Joe Hammerstone all star.

MARSHMALLOWS & BLOOD should be online shortly. Until then, enjoy the snaps!

Extra Tidbit: What's the scariest campfire story you've ever heard?
Source: AITH



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