Here's your first look at Love Sick, starring Tristan Risk

The folks over at Polluted Pictures have passed along a very cool promotional image for their upcoming film LOVE SICK that features Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY) and Francisco Barreiro (HERE COMES THE DEVIL) in their roles as a pained couple in the Todd E. Freeman-directed horror flick. While it's not much to go on, the below image is pretty damn cool and gives us a fantastic look at the film's two main characters. Can't wait to see more!

Here's what LOVE SICK is all about:

LOVE SICK is the story of Rebecca and Marcus who have been together for 10 years and after much deliberation have decided to part ways. After separating and being with others, they quickly realize how hard it is to disconnect from one another. The pain, lies, and betrayal all begin to manifest physically within the both of them as well as infect the others who have become involved with intimately. They love each other so much that it hurts... some more than others.

Joining the cast are Bill Moseley, Barbara Crampton, Augie Duke, Andrew Sensenig, Camden Toy, and Ruben Pla.

Polluted Pictures is presenting the project for the first time to accredited participants at the Frontières International Co-Production Market that takes place during the Industry Rendez-Vous of the Fantasia International Film Festival, from July 24 to 27, 2014.

The film is scheduled to shoot this winter.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of this promo image for LOVE SICK?



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