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11.21.2006by: Scott Carmichael

HHE? No, it doesn't stand for Hungry, Hungry Emu's (The less popular board game sequel to Hungry, Hungry, Hippos!), it stands for THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2.  And while we're talking about HHE 2, I thought everyone would be interested in checking out the latest poster from the film.

The sequel to last years toxic gross out fest will show a group of National Guard trainee's who are attacked by mutants in the New Mexico desert while on maneuvers. The sequel was written by Jonathan Craven and his father Wes Craven. The film will be directed by Martin Weisz and is slated to be released on March 2. To see some footage (as well as a really awkward introduction to it by Wes Craven!) click here

And for those of you dying to get a peak of HHE2, there will be a teaser trailer for it before TOURISTAS next week, and that will be the only place to see it for quite some time!

Source: Fox Atomic



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